Unique Uses for Baby Wipes

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β€œI participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for Huggies and Target. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

Things get a little crazy when you’re a mom.  Whether your a mom to one or a mom to 7 young kids, life is messy.  There are always stains, crust, dust, and don’t even mention the laundry!  So when you’ve got all of these messes happening, you need easy assurance that the little things are taken care of. With four kids ages 7 and under, I’ve got a lot of messes most of the time.  And the bigger kids are my helpers.  But let’s be honest…the helpers make a lot of messes too, even when they are trying to help!

We had the chance to try Huggies Snug & Dry diapers and Natural Care Wipes Triple Clean and give them both a test run during our busy days and the opportunity to stand up to our big messes. 

You know you're a Mom when you use baby wipes for crazy things! dusting, cleaning, germ removal...

It seems like there is ALWAYS something to wipe, swipe, scrub, and clean. From stains on the couch to dust on the lamps (And oh boy, there’s a lot of dust!), life with kids gets messy.  Most moms I know keep a pack of wipes handy for easy clean up.  

I’ve found myself wearing the ultimate Mom badge of honor during preschool drop off (and only an hour after my morning shower) with the baby’s spit up.  
When you’re sitting at a red light and you see the dust all over the mini van’s dashboard?
When your daughter runs into the house with dirt and mud all over her dance jazz shoes? 
When the two year old wears the (hand-wash-only) Princess dress-up gown for a week strait?

I love that when I’m using all of these wipes for kiddo crusty noses, chocolaty little cheeks, and bums, the Natural Care Wipes Triple Clean layers stand up to the grunge with their layers that are thick enough to handle any mess and a texture soft enough for baby’s smooth skin.  

We like the designer tubs that the wipes come in and the pop up tubs.  Because a mom needs quick access to mess clean-up!  You’re also able to get the Natural Care wipes in big refill packs, on the go containers, and convenient soft packs of wipes.  

We hauled all the kids off to Target to get our Huggies Snug & Dry diapers with the Sure Fit design.  

After picking out the perfect extra-large mac truck sized grocery cart, we set off for our diapers and wipes.  But first you’ve got to stop and get popcorn from the store and spill just a bit…or half the bag. Mess alert.  Luckily, we found our diapers and wipes right away and got out of our Target before we caused any more tornadoes of messiness.

They have a flexible waistband for my littlest one’s kicks, twists, and turns as she’s starting to scoot across the floor.  There’s lots of kicking going on with those cute little toes, so protection against rashes and wet bottoms is really important to us.  With all of the running we do from preschool to the grocery store, to dance practice after school, we need leak proof guarantee!  

Because more messes aren’t needed πŸ˜‰

My little peanut baby is on the smaller side.  She’s 5 months old, but so little that she’s still fitting into a size one diaper.  We need the “snug” fit like a hug around her waist and the SureFit design allows for protection of her delicate skin and up to 12 hours of leakage protection.  I felt like her little bottom was snugged up with the closures of Snug & Dry diapers.  

Any new package that comes into our house is usually inspected by the older kids (when they “help”) and our diaper and wipes purchases were no different.

Of course, diapers need to be stacked, counted, and sorted.  This little helper loved the designs on our diapers.  And needed to put her touch on our storage system.  I mean, it’s a great idea to keep all of your new diapers in a pile in the living room πŸ˜‰

With all of the messes that happen just with a trip to the store to buy diapers, I have amazing news for any mom:  Target is now offering a new subscription program for automatic delivery of diapers, wipes, formula, and other household essentials.  So when the diaper and wipe stash are getting low you can be assured that more are on their way…and being delivered right to your doorstep! Perfect!  

Doorstep delivery of diapers and wipes would save the sanity of this mama and a few of the Target employees.  Customers, on the other hand, love us.  They love to see the crazy shopping cart full of kids coming down the aisles. It’s entertainment. Really.  

Get more information about Target’s new subscription service here

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