Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Sparkle Craft

Are you getting ready for Valentine’s day?  Maybe putting together a few ideas for next week or just enjoying the pretty pink pictures (is Valentine’s Day reeeeally a holiday??)  maybe you are looking for a few Valentine’s Day activities to use in occupational therapy. Either way, you have to admit…the hearts, love, and kindness is pretty contagious!   We’ve been having fun doing a few Valentines Day activities and this Sparkle Heart Craft was no exception.  Valentine’s Day Activities are just FUN.  This one was scented and smelled as pretty as it looked.
picture of sparkle heart craft for kids to make


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Scented Valentine’s Day Sparkle Heart Craft

We started with a few supplies:
craft paper to cover the table (this was essential with this craft!)
Construction paper hearts and bath salts

I cut a few hearts from the construction paper.  Baby Girl did this craft with me and she was excited to see the hearts.

I poured a little of the pomegranate bath salts into a little cup.  They smelled SO good!  This craft was turning sensory already.

Bath salts sprinkled on glue for a heart craft for kids

Next, I used the glue to draw a couple of hearts and showed Baby Girl how to sprinkle the salts on the glue.  She was hooked!

She LOVED this activity!  She squeezed the glue and drew all kinds of decorations on our red hearts.  Sprinkling the bath salts was a great way to encourage tripod grasp.  Using the pointer finger, middle finger, and thumb to grasp with the ring and pinkie fingers tucked into the palm is a tripod grasp.  She sprinkled the salts all over the glue.  I had to cut more hearts because she wanted to keep making more and more sparkly hearts!

Valentine’s Day Craft with Fine Motor Skills

This craft worked on tripod grasp by sprinkling the bath salts (with a great scent!) and gross grasp of the hand when squeezing the glue bottle.  This was a great activity for little hands!
Toddler squeezing glue onto construction paper hearts

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