Wellness Bingo

When it comes to child wellness and family wellness, there can be a lot of work that needs done to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Child well being can be adversely impacted by myriad causes: childhood trauma, parent lifestyle, poverty, screen over-use, and other stressors. Here, you will find a Wellness Bingo activity to help with health and wellness in kids and families. This resource is one that can be used over and over again as a means to address occupational imbalance, or overload in one area of the wellness wheel.

Wellness bingo game to use to build overall well being and a balanced health and wellness state.

For help in promoting wellness as a therapy practitioner, as a parent, or as a teacher, please do join us in our Wellness Challenge.

Wellness Bingo

Research tells us that family dynamics such as parent interaction, family mental health, father involvement, and other concerns can have a major impact on child health and wellness. The wellness BINGO game below can be a tool to address challenges in emotional wellness, physical wellness, mental wellness, and all aspects of overall wellbeing.

Use this Bingo game as a strategy during a wellness week or as part of a wellness program. I’ve tried to make this health and well being game one that works for children, families, and students. However, the tool can be adapted and used in the workplace or when looking for workplace wellness ideas.

Wellness Bingo Card Topics

The various wellness dimensions included in this BINGO game are based on the topics covered in our Wellness Challenge. You’ll find the following areas covered by completing the bingo board:

Emotional Wellness- Emotional well being is a state of healthy emotions while managing challenges and coping effectively. Maintaining an awareness of self across environments and situations. Coping with stressors and allowing emotions to not impact function or tasks. Having an awareness of self and self-regard.

Physical Wellness- Physical wellness refers to a healthy relationship with health, exercise, and nutrition. The ability to maintain a balance between physical activity (exercise), rest, nutrition, and overall health. Self-care in dealing with stress. Part of physical well being is the ability to recognize this balance and adjust when needed. Physical wellness can incorporate nutritional wellness which may be separated into it’s own wellness wheel pie piece.

Social Wellness- The ability to maintain a healthy social network that can give support and in which you are able to provide support in return. The ability to establish a sense of belonging. Building and maintaining positive relationships with others. The ability to deal with conflict appropriately. Taking other’s opinions, experiences, and perspectives into consideration with empathy while maintaining a healthy level of love and respect for yourself. Having good communication skills.

Occupational Wellness- Occupational wellness is an important concept for OTs. The balance of work, chores, play, hobbies, functional tasks like self-care or hygiene, home management, finances, etc. Maintaining fulfillment and balance between all of one’s occupations (or the things that occupy one’s time) is essential to well being and stress.

Intellectual Wellness- Being open to new ideas and new concepts is important in the area of intellectual wellness. Learning new things with an open mind in order to gain knowledge and learn new skills. Fostering hobbies and taking the time to read to acquire information based on hobbies, interests, or work. Recognizing that others have different backgrounds and experiences that can be a learning opportunity.

Spiritual Wellness- Spiritual awareness and wellness is a state of recognizing one’s beliefs, personal mission, and faith. A spiritual investment allows you to guide your decision based on ethics and purpose. Allows for peace and joy in making decisions while finding meaning in life. Understanding that you and others have purpose in life and that your own spiritual connection may be different than others.

You can see how some of these wellness concepts blend into one another!

Because of that interconnectedness, you will see that the Wellness Bingo has a mixed set of wellness challenges that can address different aspects of well being.

Wellness Bingo Challenge

This wellness bingo challenge is designed to make things easy on you. Why? Because adding more to our daily to-do lists can be the cause of lifestyle imbalance. Our goal here is to focus on occupational balance…or the ability to participate fully in daily task requirements at an optimal state. When occupational balance is off, there may be stress, anxiety, and a wellness wheel that is off kilter!

So…to use this wellness bingo game, there are no rules!

Try to do one of the squares each day or each week. Try to fill the whole game card or just one row. Allow the whole family to play together and fill the card in more quickly. It’s completely up to you!

On the wellness bingo card, there are activities that boost many areas that improve the wellness components described above. Check out these resources to read more on the topics that are covered:




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and so much more.

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Wellness bingo game to use to build overall well being and a balanced health and wellness state.