Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and Mobility Independence

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

As an Occupational Therapist, I’ve worked with individuals of all ages.  I was lucky to start my career in a way that allowed me to gain experience in a variety of settings.  I saw individuals whose long-term disabilities kept them in the home.  I saw patients at the hospital who were struggling with a new diagnosis of Guillain-Barre syndrome.  The school environment showed me how persistent a child with Cerebral Palsy could be as they mobilized throughout the building alongside their peers in a wheelchair mobilized by only their chin.  I saw geriatric folks in skilled nursing facilities who had lived their adult life with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. 

Thinking back to these hard-working, strong individuals reminds me how far a person can go when heart is involved.  I’ve seen many clients over the years but these folks who never gave up were the ones who stand out.  They are the people who inspire others and can do anything they put their heart to; even if the only part of their body they are able to control is a chin.

One of my favorite ways to build function in individuals is by helping people to reach their own goals.  When a client has a role in making their goal, it makes goal-making especially meaningful and motivating.  Many clients have a goal for mobility.  Each of those individuals that stand out in my mind were strong, with big hearts, and bigger goals.  They had goals of mobility and independence.

Today, I’m excited to share information about the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association as they work to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. By providing members with the best and most beneficial solutions for increased mobility, the NMEDA is the best source for wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobility equipment.

Information about wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobility independence with National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association.

Most of us take independence and mobility along with the freedom to move about within our day for granted. The freedom to move around a classroom, apartment, or grocery store are luxuries those with physical disabilities struggle with.  Wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobility equipment are tools that enable those with disabilities to take back their independence.

When looking for a way to improve mobility, the NMEDA is the program to meet any mobility challenge.  NMEDA’s Quality Assurance Program (QAP) guarantees you a personal Accredited Dealer, in order to receive the expert attention you deserve. You’ll find in-person evaluations, specialized training of equipment, 24-hour local emergency roadside services and so much comfort knowing that your loved-one has support and reliable safety.

Information about wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobility independence with National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association.

NMEDA QAP  mobility equipment dealers offer modifications and adaptations such as wheelchair ramps, hand controls and steering aids, transfer seats and seating solutions, wheelchair securement and tie downs, scooter lifts and special acceleration and braking solutions for adaptive vehicles.  This is a truly individualized way to ensure safety while meeting customized mobility needs.

Information about wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobility independence with National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association.

Thinking about all of the strong individuals that I’ve worked with, I can’t help but recognize the ways that a customized wheelchair mobility system could have helped families and their loved ones.  A wheelchair accessible vehicle can help the son who must make his outpatient doctor’s appointments.  It can help the student whose mother wants to drive him to school each day for a little more one-on-one time.  It can help the family whose live-in grandfather wants to watch his grandson’s baseball game.

Check out a NMEDA dealer near you today to find out more about the ultimate safety and reliability offered in the vehicle modification industry.

Who do you know with the heart and determination to make independence happen? Do you know an individual looking for wheelchair accessible vehicles or customized mobility equipment?


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