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Sensory Summer Camp at Home

Summer camp is an exciting experience for most kids.  It's a time of learning, fun, and new adventures over the lazy days of summer.  Summer camp in the traditional sense is a time of themed activities that build character for a child.  

However, it's not always possible to sign up for a week of summer camp. Summer camp is expensive.  Parents work or have busy schedules that make a week-long summer camp just not feasible.  A backyard DIY summer camp experience is a way to save money while creating a summer learning experiences right in the backyard. 

I'm joining several other bloggers who write about sensory processing in a Sensory Summer Camp at Home backyard summer camp experience.  

Scroll through the links below to find enough sensory summer camp themes and ideas to last all summer long.  You'll find themed activities touching on all of the sensory systems to create an environment of learning through the senses.

These sensory summer camp experiences are perfect for the child who craves or resists sensory input and can be modified to meet the needs of every child with sensory processing disorder.  While these sensory summer camp ideas are perfect for kids with sensory processing disorder, they can easily be used in traditional summer camps.  So, take a look at each of the camp themes below and get ready for a summer of sensory fun and memories!

Sensory Summer camp at home ideas for kids with sensory processing needs

Sensory Summer Camp at Home Themes

These links will be added when the posts go live tomorrow!

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Sensory Summer camp at home ideas for kids with sensory processing needs

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