Summer Occupational Therapy Activities Packet


This occupational therapy activity kit is designed to meet a variety of skills addressed in OT. Included in this bundle of printable resources are tools to address fine motor skills, visual perception, visual motor skills, sensory processing, self-regulation, pencil control, handwriting, and more. Add this packet to your summer programming, ESY services, or home programs.The activities can be adapted to meet the needs of students at all levels and in several different ways so that the activities can be used over and over again in coming months.


This bundle of Summer occupational therapy activities includes 14 printable products that can be printed off and used with students in face-to-face sessions, or sent to students on your caseload via email. Each summer OT activity packet can be used in virtual sessions and to guide your teletherapy sessions.

In the Summer OT packet, you’ll find:

  • Beach Fun Google Slide Deck/PDF set
  • Summer Spot It! Printable Game
  • Hole Punch Cards for matching upper case and lower case letters
  • 7 Roll and Write Play Dough Sheets – Apples, Bees, Bugs, Buttons, Donuts, Play Dough, and Unicorn themes
  • Summer Fun Pencil Control Strips
  • Summer Lists Writing Prompts
  • Summer Number Practice
  • Summer Visual Perception Pages

All of the Summer OT activities include ideas to promote various developmental areas with a Summer-theme. Activities guide and challenge development of handwriting, eye-hand coordination, bilateral coordination, body scheme, oculomotor control, visual perception, fine motor skills, self-regulation, gross motor skills, and more.

Use these activities as warm-ups to your therapy sessions, or add them to the homework page below to create a home program.

More details about the Summer Occupational therapy Activities Kit:

Beach Fun Google Slide Deck/PDF set- This 16 page slide deck uses a beach theme that includes a deep breathing/coping tool warm up, fine motor activity, handwriting prompt, visual perception activity, gross motor/core strengthening activity, and a self-regulation check-in. The slide deck is interactive, allowing students to move pieces on the slides to fill in answers, move items, check-in, and use in an interactive deep breathing activity. The slide deck is accessible on your Google drive or in conjunction with Zoom or other teletherapy platform. Included is a PDF version can be used independently (without the interactive access).

Summer Spot It! Printable Game- This 31 card Spot It game has a summer theme. The cards are ink-friendly and use small images that students can color in to work on pencil control and precision, while building hand strength by coloring in the small spaces. Each Spot It card has just one matching set of images so the cards can be interchanged and used with any other card in the deck. This game challenges and builds visual perceptual skills such as visual discrimination, figure-ground, visual memory, form constancy, spatial relations, and oculomotor skills. Use the cards in face-to-face interventions or via teletherapy. Included are two themed writing pages with single and double ruled lines so students can work on handwriting by writing out the names of the items they find on the Spot It! cards. Use the writing pages with or without the game. This fun game will become a student favorite!

Hole Punch Cards- Use the A-Z hole punch cards to match upper to lowercase letters while improving hand strength with a summer theme. Ask students to practice forming upper or lowercase letters to work on handwriting and accuracy with a fine motor warm-up.

Roll and Write Play Dough Sheets- Each play dough sheet is a printable page that allows students to roll small balls of play dough within the hand to improve hand strength, coordination, opening of the thumb web-space, and precision of grasp. Students can then complete the handwriting portion of the sheets. This will quickly become a favorite therapy activity for students, while working on essential developmental skills. Included are seven themed sheets: Apples, Bees, Bugs, Buttons, Donuts, Play Dough, and Unicorn themes. Print off the pages and slide them into a page protector sheet to use them over and over again.

Summer Fun Pencil Control Strips- This 8 page printable packet allows students to build precision and accuracy of pencil control with a summer theme. Students can work through the increasingly complex pencil control sheets to refine pencil control and eye-hand coordination. Students accessing a tablet can use a stylus to draw lines on the pencil control sheets. Or, print them off and slide them into a page protector sheet to use a dry erase marker. Students can also work through the workbook by printing off all pages.

Summer Lists Writing Prompts- This 10 page packet includes 30 writing lists with a summer theme. Students can work through the list format to practice handwriting and work on letter formation, line awareness, size, and legibility. The list format allows students to be motivated to practice handwriting while writing in lists vs. full sentence format.

Summer Number Practice- This 21 page packet includes printable number cards to use in fine motor activities, handwriting, eye-hand coordination tasks, sensory bins, and gross motor activities. Included is information on the development of skills needed for writing numbers, as well as activity ideas to use the printable cards in movement-based activities. Add these activities to home programs.

Summer Visual Perception Pages- This 6 page printable set includes sheets to work on various visual perceptual skills, including figure ground, visual discrimination, visual closure, visual memory, position-in-space, and form constancy. Add a motor component with eye-hand coordination and visual motor skills by adding physical items to the sheets. Students can place manipulatives on the worksheets to mark off objects while visually scanning. Other sheets can be used with play dough, yarn, wikki stix, etc.

I’m so excited to get this updated summer occupational therapy activities packet out to you. If you’re looking for ways to make therapy planning easy for the next few months, grab your copy today.

What ages are this summer activity kit appropriate for?

I tried to make the activities appropriate for a variety of ages. Overall, I would say the entire collection is appropriate for Pre-k through 3rd/4th grade, although I do enjoy Spot It games as an adult 🙂 It really depends on the abilities of the individual. I’ve had a lot of therapists working with adults who use the products on my site, to address specific visual perceptual or fine motor skill levels.
Here is more information on age ranges for each item.
Summer Spot It game- The writing pages on the Spot It game includes double and single ruled lines. The Spot It game, however, is perfect for all ages.
Summer Writing Lists- The writing lists comes in single ruled paper. These are appropriate for 2nd grade and up.
Play Dough Mats/Writing Prompts- The writing prompts for the play dough mat writing pages are in double ruled size. These pages are great for Kindergarten-2nd grade.
Number Formation Activities- Includes ideas and activities for adding motor learning to number formation. The number sheets would work for Pre-K through 2nd grade.
Beach Activities Slide Deck-The beach slide deck might be appropriate for older children as well as younger. I try to make the slide decks open-ended so they can be used to meet a variety of needs.
Hole Punch Cards- While these are great for matching upper/lower case letters, these are not grade level specific. They are nice for building hand strength or adding proprioceptive input through the hands.
Pencil Control Strips- These are great for building precision and refined pencil movements for younger kids. Preschool-Kindergarten aged children would like these.
Visual Perception Pages- These are nice for working on a variety of skills, especially when used with a fine motor component (using play dough or yarn, squeezable glitter glue, etc.). They are nice for building and improving visual perceptual for preschool-2nd grade although it depends on the visual perceptual abilities of the individual.


This is a $5.00 value. Get it for free when purchasing the Summer Occupational Therapy Activities Kit. Get the summer occupational therapy activities kit and you will get a bonus guide: Summer Sensory Activities. Use these sensory, play-based activities in getting the kids moving, challenging sensory systems, and adding much-needed sensory-based input. These activities are perfect for family play this summer and to add to sensory diets. Use them to build a summer of memories, while building skills kids need!

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