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Turkey Pretzel Rod Treat

We're joining the All Things Kids bloggers in a fun series for November, Thanksgiving Activities for Kids.  Each blogger is sharing a creative way to celebrate Thanksgiving with kids through crafts and activities.  We made these turkey pretzel rod treats with the kids one afternoon as a cooking with kids project to get us in the Thanksgiving mood.

Thanksgiving snack for kids to help with. Turkey peanut butter pretzel rod snack

Turkey Pretzel Snack for Kids

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To make these cute turkey snacks, you'll need a few essentials.

Pretzel rods
peanut butter (you can use chocolate too, but we went with the slightly healthier version of this snack.)
Brown sprinkles or Fall sprinkles
yellow m&ms
Twizzler licorice stick
chocolate (melted)

Start by covering one half of a pretzel rod with peanut butter.  

The kids loved doing this part.  It was very messy, but very fun.  Lots of giggles happened.  Lots of hand wiping, but lots of smiles :) We used a knife from our plastic cutlery set for kids for spreading the peanut butter.

Roll the peanut butter in sprinkles.  You'll need to pour more sprinkles over the pretzel rods to get all of the peanut butter coated in brown.  Watch for sneaky fingers stealing sprinkles.  It happens.

"Glue" on the candy eyes with a bit of peanut butter.  You can use melted chocolate in these turkey snacks need to be transported.

Press a yellow m&m into the peanut butter between the candy eyes.  Gently.

Snip a small sliver of the Twizzler for the turkey's gobbler.  The kids thought this part was genius!  "It looks just right, mom!"  Awwwwright!

Use the melted chocolate to stick the candy corn feathers into place on the back of the turkey.  We just stuck the candy corns into the peanut butter since we were letting the snacks sit out until later to try them.  But, you'll want to definitely use the chocolate "glue" to keep the candy corn feathers in place.

Cute turkey snack that the kids can help make. These would make a great dessert at Thanksgiving!

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