Turkey Theme Therapy Slide Deck

Whether you are looking for turkey activities for teletherapy, or some added ways to make occupational therapy sessions fun this time of year, our latest free therapy slide deck is for you. Below, you can access a free turkey theme therapy slide deck to use as an outline for occupational therapy interventions or to add motor skills to help kids thrive.

Turkey theme slide deck for occupational therapy

Turkey Theme Therapy Slide Deck

Today’s turkey theme slide deck is just one more in the series of free interactive slide decks for occupational therapy. You can access all of the free slides at the bottom of this blog post.

For more occupational therapy teletherapy activities, check out this blog post.

This turkey theme therapy slide deck covers a variety of areas:

  • Gross motor warm up
  • Fine motor skills
  • Handwriting
  • Visual perceptual skills and visual motor skills
  • Self-regulation
Turkey theme gross motor slide deck for occupational therapy interventions

Turkey theme gross motor activity

Use the gross motor warm up to challenge motor planning, core strength, and bilateral coordination. Use this warm up activity for whole-body movement to get ready for working on other areas in therapy.

Turkey theme fine motor slide deck for occupational therapy interventions

Turkey theme Fine Motor Activities

The fine motor portion of this free slide deck uses sign language as a way to get fingers and hands moving. Kids can follow along with the slide deck to spell out “TURKEY” while copying images and practicing the American Sign Language.

These activities help kids with visual motor skills, separation of the sides of the hand, finger isolation, arch development, and more.

Turkey theme handwriting slide deck for occupational therapy interventions

Turkey theme Handwriting Activity

This slide is open-ended and designed to meet the needs of a variety of ages and levels of children. Kids can write a list of the clothing words to dress the turkey. Other kids might write a sentence using certain clothing names as they disguise a turkey. Still other children might write a paragraph.

The slide can also be used as a visual discrimination or visual memory activity. Ask students to look at the slide and then switch it out. Can they remember all of the clothing items on the disguise the turkey activity?

turkey theme visual perception slide deck for occupational therapy interventions

Turkey theme Visual Perception Activity

Next, ask students to move the interactive turkey through the maze as they work on a variety of visual perceptual skills and eye-hand coordination.

turkey theme self regulation slide deck for occupational therapy interventions

Turkey theme Self Regulation Activity

Finally, students can fill in the self-regulation checklist as they take a self assessment of their feelings, emotions, and behaviors. This is a good time to end the therapy session and come up with some strategies or coping tools to address any self-regulation needs.

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Enjoy and have fun!

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    Turkey theme slide deck for occupational therapy