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Music Rainbow Xylophone and Music Craft

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The grocery store is 5 minutes from my house. It's a frequent stop on our runs to and from preschool. Especially because we often times forget when we are on the calendar to bring the preschool snack. A quick run into our store, (Giant Eagle) and we're ready to jet off to the preschool drop-off line. Usually as we sprint through the store, I grab a little treat for myself and hide it under some vegetables. Usually, the Mom-Deserves-It-Treat of choice for this mama is something caffeinated.  I can always find a secret hiding space under the broccoli and the apples.

As a mom of four, there is usually someone in (or hanging from) the shopping cart that is anti-grocery shopping. We try to make shopping fun with little rhymes and songs. (The deli guy has many times raised an eyebrow at us with our silly tunes!)

When I saw Coca-Cola™ had the new Share a Coke and a Song campaign bottles with song lyrics printed right on the bottles, I thought the songs on the bottle were perfect for our grocery store dashes. Our latest run through the store while looking for crackers for the preschool class and something for dinner was made a little easier as I sang the Share-a-Coke tunes that were stuck in my head.

I had to grab a six pack of the Share a Coke and a Song bottles after being inspired to sing tunes to my kiddos through the produce department!

When we got home, I enjoyed the special treat of a nice icy Coke while making a music craft inspired by the song on one of our bottles: "Put a little love in your heart!" inspired us to make heart music bookmarks.  It was a song that made me recall all of my kids as babies.  That little bundle of love that is handed over to a new mom makes your heart grow!  

Make a music heart bookmark craft and enjoy a great book along with a Share a Coke and a Song!

Music Bookmark Craft

Music note bookmark craft

                                Giant Eagle Share a Coke and a Song

After singing for throughout the Giant Eagle, music and love were on our minds, and decided to make a music-themed bookmark craft. (My daughters and I have a huge love of making crafts together.  Looking for more crafts?  We've got a ton to share here.)

Music note bookmark craft

You'll need just a few materials to make this music bookmark craft:
One sheet of music (We have several books found at a yard sale.  We used one sheet for this craft.)
Red card stock, cut into heart shapes

Music note bookmark craft

To make the music bookmarks:
Cut the sheet music along the space between each staff.  You'll end up with several strips of music notes.  Cut the red card stock into heart shapes.  Glue the hearts to one end of the music strips.  As easy as that, your music bookmarks are done!

Music note bookmark craft

These would be a great addition to a gift for a music lover: Gift them with a book or music book, a bookmark, and a Share a Coke and a Song bottle of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke®, or Coca-Cola Zero™.  It's a gift that any music lover will remember and cherish!

Kids love this rainbow water xylophone using recycled bottles to make music.

Water Xylophone

If you follow this blog, then you know that we love to use recycled materials in play and crafts. After our bottles of Coca-Cola were empty, we decided to make our own songs with a DIY water xylophone!

To make a water xylophone using recycled plastic bottles:
This was SUCH a huge hit with my kids.  We filled the plastic bottles with varying amounts of water. We used all six bottles from the six pack of plastic Coke bottles and added liquid food coloring to the bottles.  Each bottle held a different color of the rainbow to make a rainbow water xylophone.

Kids love this rainbow water xylophone using recycled bottles to make music.

I showed my kids how to blow across the top of the opening of the bottles to make a musical sound.  It was fun to see my kids' expressions as they realized they could make a sound on the opening of the bottles.  Even better was watching them make a little tune with the xylophone!  This is one activity that they will remember for a long time to come.  

This is a great activity for addressing oral sensory needs.  Check out some of our favorite ways to provide sensory input through oral motor exercises for sensory calming sensory input here and here.

Kids love this rainbow water xylophone using recycled bottles to make music.

A water xylophone would be the perfect addition to a summer bucket list!  Take this idea outside to create memories with your kids!  Just like music invokes memories, making music with this water xylophone will be the hit of the summer break.

Kids love this rainbow water xylophone using recycled bottles to make music.

We'll be looking for other songs on the Coca-Cola bottles on our next Giant Eagle run and will be singing our way through the store again soon (probably tomorrow)!  While you're in your Giant Eagle, be sure to grab your Share a Coke and a Song Coca-Cola and download the Shazam App.  It's available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and other devices  and you'll be a able to get your Coca-Cola Share a Song.

How does Coca-Cola Share a Coke and a Song music and song lyrics inspire you?  

 Let us know in the comments!