Auditory Processing Kit


Working on auditory processing skills?  Use this printable packet to address listening skills, whole body listening, listening comprehension, active listening, and auditory processing needs.

This printable packet contains active listening activities, hands-on strategies, activity cards, visual cards, handouts, and more.

This is a 33 page digital file.


The Auditory Processing Kit is your therapy toolbox for addressing listening comprehension, auditory processing needs, and much more:

  • Listening Comprehension
  • Fine Motor Listening Skills
  • How to Improve Listening Skills Poster
  • Clap It Out Syllables Orthographic Activities
  • Beginning Sounds Letter Activity
  • Rhyming Words Activity
  • Activity Listening Activity
  • Hearing Skills Activity
  • Auditory Memory Strategies
  • What Does Active Listening Look Like?
  • Whole Body Listening Activity
  • Whole Body Listening Poster
  • Listening and Motor Skills Game
  • 2 Step Direction Cards
  • How to Support Hyper-Responsiveness of the Auditory Sense (handout and info sheet)
  • How to Support Hypo-responsiveness of the Auditory Sense (handout and info sheet)
  • Auditory Processing Tools Cards
  • Auditory Processing Speed -2 Digit Numbers
  • Auditory Processing Speed -3 Digit Numbers
  • Auditory Processing Speed -4 Digit Numbers

Use this auditory processing kit to support learners with hyper-responsive or hypo-responsive auditory systems.
Use the hands-on activities to support learning and active listening through play and handwriting tasks.

Use the handouts and posters to teach about the auditory system and auditory sensitivities, with strategies to support individualized needs.

Incorporate these listening and comprehension activities into multisensory learning styles.