A Day at the Farm

A Day at the Farm
Fall is here!  I love this time of year…the leaves changing color…the cool breeze…the smell of pumpkin latte šŸ™‚
We went to the local pumpkin farm last weekend and had so much fun I had to share some pictures.  My little guy is looking so big!  He is so funny making animal sounds at every animal.  I think his favorite sound is “moo” at the moment.

Warning…this is a picture overload!

 Jacob was a little excited (as if you couldn’t tell, lol)

 He thought this goat was HILARIOUS!
 So did Gwen. My kids love kids, what can I say!
 This little donkey didn’t move the whole time..Jacob was very interested.
I got my husband to take all of one photo.  He is not into taking pictures, I gotta work on getting him used to using my new camera. 
Me and my little man.

When did he get so big? I love it when babies stand on their tip toes. 

The following week we checked out another pumpkin patch (can’t get enough!!!).  Check out this “corn box”.  The kids loved this…a huge box of dried corn with cups, shovels, rakes, and pails.  This was a hit. 

Such concentration!  He was pushing the corn all around, shoveling, pouring, just having a blast. 

Thanks for letting me share!  Happy pumpkin picking!


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