Fall Leaves Slide Deck

If using a Fall leaves theme in therapy or the classroom is on your Fall to-do list, then this Fall Leaves slide deck is a resource you’ll want to access. I wanted to put together a free slide deck that uses the fun of Fall leaves to work on visual perceptual skills and handwriting. Add some of our favorite Fall Fine motor activities to make a Fall themed therapy session!

Today’s Fall leaves slide deck is just one of the many free slides here on the website, and a great resource for both occupational therapy teletherapy and face-to-face therapy sessions.

Free slide deck with a Fall leaves theme!

Be sure to check out our Fall worksheets designed to build fine motor skills, our Fall leaves slide deck, and our free Fall Fine Motor Kit, all at the bottom of this post. The activities in this free booklet are a fun way to encourage fine motor and gross motor movement and development through fall activities. Scroll to the bottom of this blog post to grab your copy!

You’ll also want to snag this Fall Leaves worksheet. It’s a tic tac toe activity board designed to help kids build skills through play and fine or gross motor activities using Fall leaves.

Fall Leaves Slide Deck

This fall leaves slide deck is a virtual therapy activity that you can use to work on visual perceptual skills. The fall leaves slide deck includes a Fall leaves I Spy game.

Users can look for matching fall leaves and count the number of leaves that match. This I spy activity is powerful in developing visual skills such as visual scanning, visual attention, visual discrimination, figure ground, and form constancy.

This is a great tool for both virtual therapy students and face-to-face activities:

Virtual Therapy Sessions– Open the slide deck on google drive and students can type their answers right on the slide.

Face-to-Face therapy sessions– open the slide deck to use as an outline for interventions. More students are copying written work from a smart screen in the classroom, so the visual shift from vertical to desk top is improtant to address. Print off the screen and work on the I spy sheet right at the desk, or taped to a wall, with movement actions between each type of leaf that the student finds. The options are limitless.

Leaf Handwriting Activities

The free slide deck continues with the fall leaves theme and offers handwriting challenges for users. This can be used to address a variety of needs: letter formation, line use, spacing, sizing, overall legibility, copying from a near source, copying from a distant source, and much more.

Want to access this free therapy slide deck?

Want this free slide deck with a leaves theme? Work on visual perceptual skills and handwriting. Get it here:

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    Fall worksheets including printable fall sheets for scissor skills and visual motor skills.

    You’ll also love this 8 page packet of fall leaves cutting activities, fine motor pages, and more. This freebie has been added to the subscriber-only library. Join our email list for access.

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