Baseball and Softball Activity

Today I have a fun baseball and softball activity to add to your therapy toolbox. This interactive therapy slide deck goes really well with our other baseball activity (perfect for softball themed fun, too!); this baseball matching game.

Fun baseball and softball activity is a free slide deck for therapy that addresses handwriting skills, with an interactive Connect 4 game.

Baseball and softball activity

This baseball and softball activity is a digital connect four game is a lot like our other more recent digital connect four game with a space thing.

However this online connect four game has a baseball and softball theme that fits perfectly with the interest of many of the kids we work with.

Kids that love baseball or softball will love this Connect 4 game that actually addresses therapy goal areas and functional tasks, such as handwriting, letter formation, number formation, eye-hand coordination, visual scanning, visual memory, working memory, visual attention, and more.

Baseball & Softball Writing Activity

When you use it in Google slides the game is interactive, allowing kids to move the baseball and softball game pieces to play Connect Four.

This is just one of the many free slide decks available here on the site. Be sure to grab them all!

Because users can select the baseball or the softball game pieces, and then move them to cover spaces and play traditional Connect 4 games.

There is also a slide with letters on each space on the board. When players move their piece to cover that letter, they can write the letter focusing on letter formation. Expand the activity to ask kids to write a word that begins with that letter, or to write a sentence containing words that only begin with that letter. The game is very open-ended to meet the needs of all levels of students.

You’ll also find a game board containing numbers. Use this to work on number formation. OR, incorporate gross motor movement, balance, coordination, motor planning, and ask kids to do that number of a specific task, like jumping jacks, hops, skips, etc.

The online connect four game can be played with a therapist or another person and each participant can move the game pieces. Kids that love baseball or softball will love this virtual connect four game!

All of these are fun ways to address letter and number formation with an interactive and engaging activity.

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    baseball and softball activity

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