Free Virtual Connect 4 Game

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Today I have another fun virtual therapy activity: A therapy board game Connect 4! This therapy slide deck is a free virtual Connect 4 game designed for occupational therapy services (or other therapy services) that combine motor skills with visual perception and eye hand coordination. Therapeutic games are nothing new; Occupational therapists use board games in therapy services all the time to address function and independence skills. This therapy game is a bit different: it builds skills in kids through game play, and is a fun game for teletherapy.

Grab this free virtual Connect 4 game for building skills in occupational therapy, using a outer space connect 4 game!

Therapy Board Game

We’ve shared virtual games and board games to use in therapy previously on this site. Some games are great for helping kids develop specific skills:

Today’s virtual Connect Four game is just as much fun, and it’s a great tool to add to your therapy toolbox!

Virtual Connect 4

When it comes to teletherapy services, it can be hard to incorporate game play into therapy sessions in a way that addresses functional goals like handwriting, motor skills, or self-regulation. This virtual Connect 4 game does just that!

This game is a Google slide deck and one of our free slides that can compliment therapy services, both online or in face-to-face sessions.

To play the game, you’ll add the free slide deck to your Google drive, pull up the slide deck during therapy sessions, and work on a variety of skills. To use this game in distance therapy situations, you can send the link to students and you’ll each play on your own computers, watching as the edits are made to the slide deck. (Be sure to make a copy and send that specific link to a student- this way your student has their own copy of the slide deck on their Google drive.)

The game is just like the classic Connect 4 game: try to get four in a row and block the other player from getting four in a row.

This particular Connect 4 game has an outer space theme. So, the game pieces are planets! Check out more space theme activities below.

When suing the Connect 4 game in therapy, kids can work on the following skills:

  • Visual perception
  • Visual motor skills
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Mouse use/keyboard use
  • Finger isolation

The virtual Connect 4 game includes handwriting slides, so that when users place the game pieces, they cover a letter or a number. These are designed to promote handwriting skills and number formation skills.

Use the handwriting slide to work on letter formation, word writing, sentence writing, and copying skills.

Use the number slide to work on forming numbers, writing number words, or even gross motor skills: kids can do a motor activity like jumping jacks to animal walks the same number of times as the number they covered with their game piece.

To reset the game pieces:

  1. When you are done playing, just hit the EDIT HISTORY link.
  2. Look on the right side bar for “Version History”.
  3. Click the box that says “Reset Game”.
  4. Then go to the top left corner of the screen where there is an arrow pointing left. Click this arrow.
  5. All of the movable game pieces will be reset to their original spots. You can start the game over again.

This Space Connect 4 game will be a hit in your therapy sessions (or at home and in the classroom!)

More space activities for therapy

You can add this virtual Connect 4 game to these other Space theme activities, to help with therapy planning:

Free Virtual Connect 4 for Therapy

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Free Virtual Connect 4 Game for Therapy!

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    Virtual Connect 4 Game

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