Bug Small World Rock Sensory Bin Filler

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We’re so excited to join 40 other bloggers from all over the world in the 40 Sensory Bin Fillers series hosted by Little Bins for Little Hands.  This is all about sensory bins!  Each blogger is featuring a different sensory bin filler.  So WHAT is a sensory bin filler you ask?? You know the stuff that makes up the base of the sensory bin.  Sand, shredded paper, or any other textural item might be the base of your sensory bin and part of the sensory experience.  We decided to make our sensory bin with a rock filler.  We filled a bin with rocks and added a bug small world for play and exploration.  What fun!

This sensory bin will inspire imagination, pretend play, and fine motor skills.


Bug Sensory Bin

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We started with a bin of river rock
and added some touches to make a bug small world.  These
bugs, a few fake flowers, and strands of floral filler made a pretty fun small world.
We were ready to play!


These bugs are too cute and just right for some pretend play.

Baby Girl used a magnifying glass
to examine the bugs.  Love that squashed up nose!

We had a ton of fun pretending these little bugs were a family and building a house with rocks.
You’ve got to examine the rocks with the magnifying glass, of course.

Manipulating the rocks, bugs, and pieces to our sensory bin provided great fine motor play, language development, sensory exploration, and just plain fun!

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