Color Matching With Play Dough

This was an easy and fun way to spend an afternoon.  And when Baby Girl woke up from her nap, she loved it too.
I put out six colors of play dough and a little bin of colored beads, paper clips, and other little things.

               Fine Motor Strengthening for kids

They had so much fun matching up the colors.  Baby Girl just loved pushing the little beads and things into the Play Dough. 
I love her little knuckle dimples 🙂
Pushing the little objects into the dough is resistive and an excellent fine motor strengthening exercise for little hands.  They are also working on their tripod grasp when they push the beads into the Dough. 
  Big Sister said we needed to wash all of the little objects after we were done.  We put all of them into a bin of water and everyone had fun swishing them around.   
 Drain them into a colander and you are good to go 🙂

2 thoughts on “Color Matching With Play Dough”

  1. I love every idea I see on here! Just curious, how old is "Babygirl"? I have a 15 mo. old, but she tries to eat every medium I put in front of her (so far I've tried crayons and finger paint). It ends up being a frustrating experience for both of us.
    April Hoff

  2. Thank you April! That means so much 🙂 Baby Girl is 17 months now ( I really need to find a more age-appropriate blog name for her, but I just can't yet LOL! Although she would totally rock "Toddler on a Mission" or something along those lines haha!) She has been playing in and around little things since she could sit up. I had her playing with water beads at 11 months 🙂 Does your 15 mother take a pacifier? You could put one in during the fine motor/painting play. If not, just keep at it…take the stuff out and keep saying "no mouth". Or, just put those things on hold for a month or two. Frustrating everyone is not fun! Thanks for your comment! We will stop by your blog later today. Looking forward to it!

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