Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Activity With a Cardboard Box

This pipe cleaner fine motor activity is a fun one that we used for many years to target fine motor skills like dexterity, pincer grasp, hand strength, and more. Plus, this pipe cleaner activity is great for toddlers. But, kids of all ages love this activity! Let’s break it down…

Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Activity

This fine motor pipe cleaner activity is very simple to set up. You need just two items:

  1. Pipe cleaners cut into half or one thirds
  2. A cardboard box

To set up the activity, first cut the pipe cleaners into smaller sections. For younger children use longer lengths of pipe cleaners and for older kids, target more precise fine motor skills but cutting smaller sections.

Then, use a screwdriver and poke holes all over the cardboard box.

You’ll want to poke holes on the top of the box, but also on the sides of the box. A larger box is best for this activity, because the holes on the sides of the box encourages a wider range of motion, including wrist extension.

You’ll also see more diverse movements when a larger cardboard box is used: bilateral coordination, visual scanning, crossing midline, and more.

Another pipe cleaner fine motor activity to try is dropping pipe cleaners into a bottle. Toddlers love that activity, too!


This was the invitation to play that I had set up for the kids.  A cardboard box with holes poked all over, and pipe cleaners. 


This was the end result 🙂
They all had so much fun creating a work of art with pope cleaners, all while working on their fine motor dexterity, tripod grasp, and eye-hand coordination.
(These two were pushing each other to get in there.  They are WAY more like siblings than cousins…)



Have you seen our recent post Pipe Cleaner Fun where we shared how to explore colors with pipe cleaners?  There are so many fun ways to use them for fine motor development with kids!

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  1. Now this looks like a lot of fun for little ones. I'm going to have all 3's and under next year. I think they'll love this! Thanks for sharing with us today. Pinning to my fine motor board.

  2. My personal favourite – featured on the round up of Project Recycle and Create Cardboard Boxes on Peakle Pie 🙂

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Pipe cleaner fine motor activity

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