Cupcake Liner Butterfly

This cupcake liner butterfly is a scissor skills craft to build fine motor skills and scissor skills. Use this cupcake liner craft in therapy with a butterfly theme or in Spring occupational therapy activities. Spring is here (whether the weather agrees or not!) and this butterfly craft is a fun way to celebrate!  With how easy this cupcake liner butterfly craft is, we’ll be sure to make a few batches of these all summer long.

Cupcake liner butterfly craft for kids

How to make a Cupcake Liner Butterfly

You’ll need a few materials for this craft: 

Butterfly craft made with cupcake liners!

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Use cupcake liners to help with scissor skills with kids.

To make the butterfly craft, follow these directions:

  1. Cut the cupcake liners like the picture above.  Kids can work on their scissor skills by cutting a material like a cupcake liner.  It’s a lighter weight material than regular paper and a great way to address line accuracy and scissor control.
Make a cupcake liner butterfly to work on scissor skills with kids.

2. Cut butterfly bodies from the black cardstock.  

3. Trim the butterfly wings to curved “C” shapes.   

Cupcake liner butterfly craft for spring!

4. Build the butterflies!  We loved mixing up the colors for this bright and cheery Spring craft.  

Moving the pieces of the butterflies to build the insects is a challenge in visual motor skills.

More butterfly activities for therapy

More Cupcake Liner crafts

Try these cupcake liner crafts to help kids develop precision and coordination in scissor skills using cupcake liners.  


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cupcake liner butterfly

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