DIY Easy Felt Cookies Pretend Play

It’s so much fun to watch the kids in their pretend play.  They love pretending to play school, restaurant, house, Frozen, and so many fun ideas.  I love to eavesdrop on their pretend play.  One thing they play almost every day is restaurant, complete with aprons, notebooks for taking orders, and “tea” (“tea”=water in a cup…with little floating things…it’s this mom’s favorite part when they say, “Really drink it, Mom!” Yep, it’s the best part.  Not really.)

We’ve created no-sew felt cookies years back and they are used in pretend play almost every day.  We made a new set of Easy DIY felt cookies for Valentine’s Day that is pretty, pink, and probably going to be used every day as well.

Easy no-sew felt cookies for Valentine's Day or any day! These are so cute for pretend play.

No-Sew Felt Cookies for Pretend Play this Valentine’s Day

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These felt cookies so easy to put together.  When it comes to making imagination play activities for the kids, easy is key.  And no-sew is even better!  We started with felt sheets in pink, white, red, and beige.  Cut them into circles, hearts, and little bits for sprinkles.  It’s that easy!  We pulled a few pieces in from our kitchen set to pretend to bake cookies, and added a few spatulas and spoons from the real kitchen.

Little Sister whipped up the felt dough in a bowl.

Pop them into the oven and bake.

And decorate!  I’ve been served quite a few batches of delicious felt cookies these days.

Let us know if you make these easy felt cookies!

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