Ground Hog Day Theme Puppet Play

 Our Groundhog Day Puppet Show!
Today is Groundhog Day!  I’m not sure if people who are not from Pennsylvania even know about this day, but we in Western PA look forward to this day when Punxsutawney Phil comes out to see if he can see his shadow to predict how many weeks there are left until spring!  This silly and fun tradition got us thinking we needed a puppet show with a groundhog:)

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Groundhog’s Day Puppet Pretend Play

We gathered up some supplies:
brown paper lunch bags

brown yarn

googly eyes
I just grabbed what i thought would give it a nice brown color/smell- Pickling Spice worked perfectly!
The audience was patiently waiting!
There was a small incident where little brother dumped the entire bottle
of pickling spice out (oops)!  It was cleaned up easily and provided a
great smell.
 These little fingers had so much fun grabbing all those little spices and gluing them to the paper bag.
Big sister did a great job of cutting up the yarn to make fur for our groundhog.
 I was sure to purchase a ticket!
 Let the show begin!!!

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