Easter Preparations

This week has been spring break from pre-school and Pre-K for my kiddos.  We have been busy playing at home, laying low, starting our Spring Cleaning, going to a couple of parent-teacher conferences, and preparing for Easter.

Bunny Snack Cups…

This is a fun little project that Big Sister helped me with.  She was my part sorter, ear counter, and finished-product-liner-upper.
We’ll use these snack cups for our Annual Family Easter Egg hunt. 
I love the cute little tails.

Carrot Utensil Wraps…

We’ve done these utensil carrot wraps before for the Easter Egg hunt.  These were left over from a previous year. 

Easter Snack Tray…

We had a couple of little friends over today for a play date and when snack time rolled around, they LOVED this.  Everything was gobbled right up.

Peep Vase…

This was simple project that came together quickly and inexpensively 🙂
The vase is always sitting out in our dining room.  Put a drinking glass in the middle and surround with a little grass filler, pack of peeps, and a little more grass. 
I’m thinking some tulips would look pretty perfect in there!

We have more to share on our Easter preparations.  We’ll share all of the party details after our egg hunt 🙂

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