Easy Potpourri **25 Days of Christmas Play**

Day 21 of 25 Days of Christmas Play
We had a break from the rain and clouds this afternoon and went outside for a little while, along with scissors and a bowl.  We went on a hunt around the yard for Christmas-y smelling branches to add to an easy potpourri.  

The big kids of course, had no idea what potpourri means…but when we started smelling the pine needles and adding them and pine cones to a bowl, they got the picture a little bit. 
Plus, it was just really fun to snip the bushes 🙂



Baby Girl just had fun throwing pine cones into the bowl.  
She looooooves to do what the big kids do, so carrying the bowl around the yard was pretty special too 🙂


We took a little break for some balance beam work in the woods…


Then we went inside to add some orange peels to our potpourri (and have an orange snack…)


I have to say that this smells pretty amazing and definitely Christmas-y!  I am going to add a couple of cinnamon sticks and throw it in the mini-crock with some water tomorrow.  Check our Facebook page for an update on the scent in the house 😉 


Enjoy today!

UPDATE: I put this potpourri (along with a few cinnamon sticks) in a pan of water on the stove.  I let it simmer over low heat for a few hours and the house smelled AMAZING!  You could even smell the scent from outside our front door.  So Christmas-y! This would totally work in a small crock pot with water. Try this! You won’t be disappointed!



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