Reindeer Playdate Party! **25 Days of Christmas Play**

We love all kinds of fun Christmas play activities.  From Christmas sensory play to Christmas handwriting activities, we love play and learning with a Christmas themes.  When it comes to celebrating the season, we love to plan fun kid-friendly parties with snacks, activities, and games.  This Reindeer Party was a great way to celebrate friends and the season and had to share the fun with you!

Sometimes you just need a
Christmas play date with a few friends.  I invited friends and their kids over to join us as we enjoyed some Prancer PB&J sandwiches, decorated a Blitzen Brownie, and played some Reindeer Games.

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Reindeer Party Ideas

While we waited for everyone to arrive, the guests could color on our table.  I covered the table in wrapping paper (got this roll at end of season last year for 50 cents!) and scattered some crayons around for a kid-friendly eating/coloring area.

Reindeer Party Food

We served peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but any type of sandwich would work for these reindeer.  Add raisins for eyes and pretzels for antlers.  The red nose is a red m&m.  The children will love it!  Anytime candy is served with lunch, there are cheers.

Reindeer sugar cookies
We had a reindeer sugar cookie.  Make using an upside down gingerbread man cookie cutter.

Then everyone decorated their own Blitzen Brownie

Provide each child with a brownie square.  Pretzels are the antlers, green candies make eyes, and a red m&m makes the nose.  

Reindeer Party Games

We played Pin the Nose on Rudolf

Draw a reindeer on a sheet of craft paper.  Cut noses from red construction paper and cover the child’s eyes.  Have them attempt to stick the nose where they believe the reindeer’s nose may be.  Hilarity ensues.

And we finished up with one more Reindeer Game… Pass the stocking
I filled the stocking with little bubble favors from the dollar store (you can get a pack for a dollar!)  We had Christmas music going and the kids would pass the stocking around.  When the music stopped, who ever had the stocking got to take out a prize.  
We had a fun morning with our friends! 

We are having lots of fun with Christmas Play! Looking for more ideas? 

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