Easy Shapes Backhoe Craft

We’ve been making a few Easy Shapes crafts with vehicles recently.  A school bus or fire truck craft are fun ways to create and learn shapes with little ones.  The crafts are great teaching opportunities for vehicle lovers!  We made this Backhoe craft with simple shapes:
Easy Shapes Backhoe craft

Backhoe craft for kids:

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We started with yellow and black cardstock and cut some simple shapes to make the backhoe.  Rectangles, circles, squares, and semi-circles make up this backhoe.

Baby Girl (almost 3) made this like a puzzle.  I showed her how to make the backhoe and then she had to build hers.  She could copy my model or build her own.  We talked about the names of the shapes as we went.  Little Guy (age 5) enjoyed remembering how to make the backhoe and then building the construction vehicle on his own without a model.  This is a great way to practice visual memory.

Visual Memory Activity

Visual memory is the process of recalling visual information.  You depend on visual memory to copy letters in a word, recalling how a letter looks, and in reading.  Recalling how this construction vehicle was built was a fun way for Little Guy to work on these skills.

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