Fine Motor Workout Foam Sensory Bin

This foam sensory bin is a fine motor workout and SO much fun!  We actually did this activity (and took these pictures) last summer, but I’m just getting around to sharing them. 
 The secret to the foam is not what you might expect.  We used a common household item that you probably just throw away.  The hand strengthening that happens with this foam sensory bin is such a workout!   
Kids can get messy in the soapy foam and explore the senses, too.  This is a perfect outdoor summer activity, but could definitely be done indoors in a bin or sink.


Foam Fine Motor Strengthening Activity:

{This post contains affiliate links.}  To make our foamy soap, we used 

these soap dispensers. But don’t waste the bathroom soap! Save the containers after the bathroom/kitchen soap has been used up. Recycle the dispensers to create a foamy, soapy, sensory play activity that the kids will love!  You’ve probably seen this sensory foam activity.  We’ve never played with that version of sensory foam, but the colors and sensory fun of our activity reminded me of Fun at Home With Kids’ foamy fun.

Fine motor strengthening workout activity with foamy, soapy, sensory play!
It is so easy to make a soapy foam with these recycled dispensers.  Did you know you can re-use the dispensers?  Simply add a bit of liquid dish soap in the empty container and fill the rest of the container with water.  We added a squirt of liquid watercolors before putting the lid on and giving the dispenser a gently swirl.

Fine Motor Strengthening Workout:

Pressing the dispenser is really a great hand strengthening work out.  Not only that, if you position a bin on the ground, they are getting a workout to their whole upper extremity as they put weight through their arms.  They are moving around and shifting their upper body weight in a quadruped position while experiencing sensory input.  What an activity!
To extend this foamy sensory fine motor workout a bit more, try these ideas:
  • Add scents to the foam
  • Encourage your child to practice writing letters and numbers in the foam.
  • Hide animal figures or magnetic letters in the foam.
  • Continue the foamy play once the bubbles start to fade, by adding water at ta high pressure from the hose or kitchen sink.  The pressure of the water will bring the foam back to life for a second round!

 Sidenote: You can totally re-use these foam soap dispensers in the bathroom.  Just add a bit of scented liquid body wash and fill with water.  Instant scented hand soap for washing up at the sink.


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