Fork Painting Ice Cream Craft for Kids

July is National Ice Cream Month!

I have so much fun planning the craft for our play group kids once a month.  This month had an Ice Cream Sundae in honor of National Ice Cream month.  And because ice cream sundaes are perfect any time of day.  Even at 10 am.

And, what would be a better craft to go along with an ice cream social theme, than an ice cream cone??
 Fork Stamped Ice Cream Cone Craft. This is perfect for kids to make this summer!

 Ice Cream Cone Craft

I had Big Sister try out the craft before the play date and make an example to show all the kids.
I drew the ice cream outline on construction paper, and she went to work. 
We used a fork to paint the cone.
Our paper scraps were used to make the ice cream mosaic. 
We love using scraps of paper in artwork.  Manipulating the little bits of paper is excellent for fine motor dexterity and strengthening.  Even better for tripod grasp and developing the arches of the hands, is tearing the paper into scraps and then, crumbling them into little balls.  The balled up paper can then be pressed onto glue or contact paper.  How great for working on a child’s tripod grasp!
We had a fun ice cream play date today, a great craft with a big crew of children, fun with friends…And even a chance for Mom to catch up with a few Mommy friends.
Ice Cream Cone Craft
Great Day!

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