Four Cheese Garlic Bread

This four cheese garlic bread is such an easy addition to any dinner and it’s simple to throw together. Whether you are having lasagna or spaghetti, add a homemade garlic bread to the side. My kids adore this four cheese bread and you will too!

Four melty cheeses, garlic, and seasonings…
That’s a tasty side to lasagna!


We made a big lasagna for dinner on Friday (and have been eating left-overs all weekend). I made my signature four cheese garlic bread.
The hubby always asks me to make this to go with our lasagna nights. It’s so easy and the perfect crunchy, cheesy, buttery addition to pasta! I don’t measure when I make stuff like this so, eyeball the ingredients. Let’s just add this, though…can you have too much butter and cheese on a garlic bread??? hmmm…good question!
Enough talk…let’s get cooking.
Fresh loaf Italian bread, sliced in half
stick of butter (or half a stick if you’re making just half a loaf of garlic bread)
3-4 cloves of garlic, minced
Grated soft mozzarella
shredded cheddar
grated Parmesan
grated Romano
1. Melt the butter in microwave.
2. Pour the melted butter evenly over both sides of the sliced bread.
3. Spread minced garlic over butter.
4. Sprinkle generously with paprika and parsley.
5. Cover with cheeses.
6. Wrap the whole thing up in foil and pop into the oven along side your main dish. 7. Cook for about 15 minutes or so.
8. Slice it up and try not to burn your mouth by tasting too soon!




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  1. This looks delicious, all the family love garlic bread and I always just buy it from the shop but it's so easy to make! Will give your recipe a try 🙂

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