Identifying Parts of a Book Activity

Big Sister is in first grade and one of the areas she had to learn in English Language Arts, is identifying parts of a book.  We practiced book part identification with our very own Parts of a Book-Scope!  I love to create fun ways to practice testing areas and extend her homework a little with creative and playful learning.  She worked on book part identification terms earlier in the year (but I’m just getting around to sharing this with you!) but it was so much fun, that Big Sister still talks about our Parts of a Book-Scope!

Teaching parts of a book to first grade. I love these Parts Of A Book-Scopes!

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Teaching Kids to Identify Parts of a Book: First Grade English Language Arts

This activity is really so easy and a fun way to extend simple memorization of parts of a book.  I grabbed a few styrofoam cups and wrote the parts of the book with -scope on each one.  Cut out the bottom of the cups and you’ve got yourself parts-scopes.

I had Big Sister search and find the parts of the books, including Title, Author, Spine, as well as the parts within the book: Main Events, Characters, and Setting.

It was fun for her to read a book and as she found parts, she could use the event scopes to pinpoint the main parts.

One scope was all we used to locate the main parts of the outside of the books.

These Book Part-scopes were a huge hit in our house!

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