First Grade Teaching Comma Use Activity

Big Sister is in First Grade now.  Wait, when did THAT happen??! She is learning so much in first grade.  And I’ll be honest. I’m no teacher, I have no idea how to teach the skills needed to graduate the first grade.  I do see what she comes home with for home work, and figure out ways to make the extra practice fun.  We practice sight words and other reading and math activities in creative ways to extend the learning.  It makes it fun for her to do the homework and extend the learning.  

One concept first graders learn in English Language Arts is Comma Use.  I made up these movable comma pieces to practice using commas in different ways.

Hands on comma activity for first grade English Language Arts

Comma Activity for First Graders

In first grade, students are required to use commas correctly in dates and to separate single words in a series.  We went beyond the pencil and paper with this easy hands-on activity.

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To make the comma pieces, I used recycled bottle caps.  Save those milk jug, juice jug, and bottle tops!  (Using the commas, my friends!)

I cut a circle from a label sheet using a small circle cutter.  Peel the backing from the label sheets and stick the circles onto the bottle caps.

Use a black marker to draw a comma onto the bottle cap.  Instant comma.

I wrote a few large sentences on printer paper and showed Big Sister how to move the comma pieces into the correct places.

She really got into this activity.  We made date and series sentences for her to practice.  This is an activity that she wanted to do each day after school.

Practice comma usage in sentences and dates for First Grade English Language Arts

Let us know if you make this activity!  We love to hear from our readers.

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