First Grade Learning Activities

First Grade is such a fun age.  First grade students learn many concepts that can be built on in Art, English Language Arts, Math, Engineering, Science, and more.  We have shared many first grade learning activities and will be adding more to this page in the future.  Be sure to follow our First Grade Learning Pinterest board for more learning and development activities.

 First Grade English Language Arts Activities

first grafe English Language Arts creative learning activities
 first grade teaching parts of a book first grade english language arts  Rhym first grade

 Snowball Learning ActivitiesSynonym Activity Sight Word sensory binNew Years Countdown Activity Kids

 First Grade Math Activities

First grade creative learning math activities

 First Grade ten frames math Teaching Number order first grade math First Grade Math First grade math addition

 first grade commutative property addition  first grade math regrouping addition First grade math how to compose and decompose numbers Time telling math activity first grade clock building
 Base ten math first grade Build a clock first grade math LEGO math first grade addition subtraction bubble wrap math first grade skip counting

 First Grade Crafts and Art Activities

first grade art   First grade art
 suncatcher crafts first grade art
 Coffee Fileter crafts first grade art
 Frog crafts
 Painting with yarn art Potato Print Crafts

 First Grade STEM Engineering & Science Activities

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You will find more learning ideas in our Kindergarten Learning page.

Be sure to follow our First Grade Learning Pinterest board.