Little Blue Little Yellow Magic Foaming Dough

Oh, how we love sensory play activities!  From water bin play to soda dough, we love to get messy and learn through the senses.  We decided to give magic foaming dough a try, and oh boy.  Was this ever fun!  This crumbly dough is moldable, soft, and the best part is the magic.  It brings a little science into the sensory play while entrancing the kids with the foaming, goopy, messy fun.  (This post contains affiliate links.  We received a free book to complete this post. Our opinions are our own.)
We were honored to review Asia Citro’s new book, 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids and check out all of the best and easiest play time activities.  We really had a blast with our Magic Foaming Dough, but the pictures in this book really drew us in.  The kids kept pointing at each page  and saying, “OOOOh, let’s do that!” There are over 150 activities in the book that help develop creativity and skills…all without a screen.  I loved the easy directions and the fact that activities were budget friendly.  This would be a great gift idea for parents to keep kids engaged, entertained, and learning.

Magic Foaming Dough Activity for the book, Little Blue and Little Yellow:

Magic foaming dough to explore the book, Little Blue and Little Yellow
We’ve done a sensory activity to explore Little Blue and Little Yellow using Kool Aid puffy paint before so when we made this foaming dough, we were ready for the color mixing fun.

We whipped up a batch of magic foaming dough, following the easy directions in the book.  We separated the dough into two bowls and added blue food coloring to one bowl and yellow food coloring to the second bowl.   These colors looked great next to each other.

Like the directions said, it was dry and crumbly, but completely moldable.  We explored the colors and like in  Little Blue and Little Yellow, we pretended some of the yellow moved over to the blue, and vise versa.

The kids had fun guessing what color blue and yellow make when combined. (Baby Girl’s guess of It makes PINK!” was received by groans from Big Sister and Little Guy.  ((Guess we need to work on the color mixing with Baby Girl…haha!))

“Look it makes GREEN!”

Little Blue and Little Yellow made Little Green.

After the kids played for a while, I told them I had a surprise to make this dough magic.  They were SO completely excited!  I gave them a squirt bottle of vinegar.  (Icing squeeze bottles work really well for this part!) …and the magic begins!

It was really neat to see how much this dough foams up.  I wasn’t quite expecting such a reaction, but it turned out to be pretty magic for mom, too 😉

It was pretty cool to see the foaming yellow, blue, and green in different areas of our bin.

We had to get our hands in there to play.  Big Sister looooooved this!  She mixed up the colors even more to make a vivid green color.

She kept saying, “I love this stuff! I love this stuff!”

Even when the bubbles died down, it was still super fun to play with.  The mixture turned into a silky smooth goopy sensory bin.  We really found out what happened when little blue and little green gave each other a hug.  Just like in the book 🙂

For the recipe to make Magic Foaming Dough, get the 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids book.  You won’t regret it!

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