Mix It Up Fingerprint Candle Craft

Have you introduced the kids to books by Herve Tullet?  Not too long ago, we read Press Here and made a fun sensory shaving cream bin to go along with the colors and active interaction the book inspires.  When we were given the chance to review Herve Tullet’s newest book, Mix It Up!, we jumped at the chance.  Tullet’s books are colorful, bright, inspiring, and FUN!
Take a peek inside Mix It Up!  :
We loved the active learning and color mixing in Mix It Up!  The pages inspire readers to get involved with the book, mixing colors to make new colors, and then to go off and create.   We decided to make sand fingerprint art and mix up our own colors using colored sand.  We made art and a colorful candle holder craft that would make a great DIY gift.

Mix It Up!
Art and Craft

The book has colors everywhere, so when we pulled out our rainbow of sand.  We were handed down this set, but any rainbow sand set would work for this activity.

We spread out the book on the floor as inspiration and got started.  Baby Girl used a little tub of glue to make glue fingerprints on white paper.

This part of the activity alone was mesmerizing for her.  She made dots all over the page just like the dots and fingerprints in the book.

Now for the fun part!  We added color to the glue fingerprints and started with solid colors.  How beautiful is this rainbow of fingerprints?

Then things got interesting!  We added dabs of color and mixed up the different colored sands to make different colors.

We really did Mix It Up!

Baby Girl wanted to do footprints with glue, too but we decided our glue tub was too little for whole feet.  She ended up making toe prints with glue instead.

After practicing with fingerprints on paper, we moved onto our candle holder craft.

Fingerprint Candle Holder Craft

I showed Baby Girl how to make her glue fingerprints onto the side of a mason jar.  We carefully poured the colored sand onto the fingerprints, keeping the jar over white paper to catch the excess sand.

We covered all of the glue fingerprints with sand.

It started to look just like the colorful pages from the book.

We made a few candle holders and some ended up more mixed up than others.  I love how the colored sand mixed together.

These candle holders look great in the sunlight…

…and by candlelight!  We’ll be gifting a few of these candle holders to friends and family.  They make a great DIY gift made by kids.

This was one fun book and we are so happy that we got to enjoy it and create along with it.
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