Magnet Activities and Toys for Kids

Is there anything more mesmerizing and interesting to kids than the properties of magnetism?  Give a child a magnet and ask them to find things that stick to it, and an adventure has begun!  We love these magnetic activities for kids and can’t wait to try a few fun magnet activities soon!

Magnet activities for kids. These are fun ways to learn and discover properties of magnetism and science!

Magnet Activities for Kids

Fishing magnets from Stir the Wonder
Magnet science with preschoolers from The Practical Mom
Mini Magnet Maze from Science Sparks
Make magnetic slime from Frugal Fun 4 Boys
Paint with magnets from Housing a Forest
Make a magnetic playset from Teach Preschool

Favorite Magnet activities from the archives: 
Color matching magnet play
Magnetic letters on the garage door

Some of our favorite ways to play and learn with magnets: 

Awesome magnet toys for kids

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