Math Art Activities

These math art activities and math art projects are fun ways to explore and learn! We’ve shared previously, the fine motor benefits in math, so as OT professionals, we love these ideas! Explore the activities below for use in both math AND art!

Math Art

Mathmatics and art have gone together since early artists began creating.  Many great works of art contain mathematics, from buildings and pottery to paintings and statues.  

Today, we’re featuring projects that combine math and art into activities that kids can explore while learning through creative expression.  

Combining the learning aspect with hands-on, creative expression in kids’ activities can be a great way for children who do not enjoy being “artsy” or “crafty” to create.  

These activities are sure to get the kids creating and learning!


What is Math Art?

“Math art” refers to the intersection of mathematics and visual aesthetics, where mathematical concepts and principles are used to create artistic expressions.

It involves using mathematical principles, such as geometry, symmetry, patterns, and fractals, to create art projects or creations.

Art and math can take various forms:

  • Fraction art
  • Graph paper art
  • Sculptures
  • paintings
  • digital art
  • Geometry art
  • Origami art
  • Multiplication art
  • Geometry string art
  • Geoboards
  • More!



Math and Art Activities for Kids:

Try these creative learning projects for developing skills while learning.

Clockwise from the top image:

Concentric Circles activity
Mandala Segments from Highhill Education
Shell Mandalas Math from Nurturestore
Klee from Kids Activities Blog
Parabolic Curve from What Do We Do All Day
Fibonacci Art Project from What Do We Do All Day

What are your favorite ways to create using math and art?


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