My Many Colored Days Color Feelings Calendar Craft

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Today we bring you a Color Feelings Calendar craft based on Dr. Seuss’ book, “My Many Colored Days”.  Celebrating Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss’ birthday is fun with this book and we decided to create a colorful reusable calendar based on the book and the many feelings we feel. We’ve made an activity based on a Dr. Seuss book before, so this craft was just right for us!
This activity could be paired with a feelings check in activity to support emotional and self-regulation in the classroom.
Make a reusable calendar based on Dr. Seuss book, My Many Colored Days.  This one has many colors that show us our days can be filled with emotions (colors). Kids love to make this DIY calendar!


Reusable Calendar Craft

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My Many Colored Days is a fun book all about the colors we feel and how they are part of being “me”.  Everyday is full of colors and so we decided to use those colors in our reusable calendar.  We can see each day through the calendar and remember that we are always the same, no matter what color we feel.  
We grabbed a few materials to create our calendar:

sheet protectors
a calendar to trace
permanent marker
assorted tissue paper

and our DIY decoupage

Use the blank calendar as a template to trace a calendar on the sheet protector with the marker. 
Snip the tissue paper into squares.
Spread a thin layer of DIY decoupage on the back of the sheet protector.  Lay the tissue paper squares all over the decoupage.  Be sure all of the sheet protector is filled in with tissue paper.  Add a second layer of decoupage over the tissue paper once finished.

Allow the tissue paper and glue to dry completely.  Add a border using tape.  This will keep the tissue paper attached at the edges and prevent peeling.

Big Sister is loving this reusable calendar.  We’ve been using a dry erase marker to write on the calendar and a paper towel to erase over and over again.

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