Monthly Professional Goal Planner

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As therapists, we know the value of a goal. We write them
every day. We analyze progression and develop strategies for obtaining goals.
We focus on making goals measurable and obtainable.

Many therapists create annual goals for themselves as part of professional
development. This may be a requirement for work or it may be a means for
obtaining professional development units in order to maintain licensure. 

The printable monthly professional goal planner below is a tool for therapists to foster professional development.

Monthly Professional Goal Planner printable sheets for occupational therapists

Monthly Professional Goal Planner

When we work toward a goal, we decide how to make small advances.
This is true in meeting goals of any kind. Big goals need to be broken down into
steps. A long term goal can be achieved through short-term pieces.

Making goals provides a focus to our professional development. Making goals provides a sense of commitment that allows us to achieve. A focus on commitment can foster increased accomplishments in our success.

It’s been determined that you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.

That’s why we’ve created these monthly professional
development goal worksheets. They are a tool for developing as a professional
and making small advances on those professional goals by breaking big annual
goals into smaller chunks.

The monthly professional development sheets are perfect for
making goals and analyzing how we’ve worked toward meeting those goals.

Use the sheets to strategize professional development, make
notes, jot down ideas, and to itemize how those goals will advance.

It’s been shown that goals which are shared with others are
more likely to be achieved. In fact, one study found that goals shared with others are more than 70%  more likely to be achieved compared 35% of those who did not share their goals with others. And sharing progression on goals as well as
how we’re working on meeting those goals improves the likelihood of meeting
those goals even more. Sharing goals and progress holds us accountable.

Get the Monthly Professional Goal Planner

Connection and Collaboration on Goals with Other Occupational Therapists

The OT Toolbox Community is a place to do just that. Use the
monthly professional development goal worksheets and share them within the
community. Snap a picture and upload it into a blog post or comment thread. Support
other therapists on their goals. Share advice on how others can achieve their
goals. Ask for support in reaching your goals. Reach out to other therapists
who are working toward similar goals. 

These are all ways that the quilt of your
professional development becomes more rich and textured. The layers of
development that can occur with simply writing down goals and how they can be
met and then conversing with other professionals is vast. 

The OT Toolbox Community is a space to connect and collaborate with other occupational therapists on goals and focused intentions, promoting development of self.

The OT Toolbox Community is now open and we are excited to have you join us! 

Monthly Professional Goal Planner printable sheets for occupational therapists