Online Learning with EmbarK12

A while back we tried Embark12 for online learning.
Do your kids love learning and playing with online games and apps as much as ours do?  It is so amazing how much kids can absorb when they are playing on tablets and computers.  If there is a way to encourage learning during “screen time”, we will jump at it! 

Pre Kindergarten Curriculum

When we heard about  EmbarK12 (Kindergarten readiness programs by K12.), we were very interested in the preschool programs with fun and innovative approach to early learning. Learning and playing in kindergarten is essential to fine motor milestone development, but we know that kids are driven to screens. So in moderation, using the meaningful and motivating tools available can support development alongside play. This sounds like a great addition to a pre kindergarten curriculum.

K12 is the leader in online education for kindergarten through grade 12 and includes EmbarK12 Comprehensive and EmbarK¹² Online. 

We love that the programs encourage learning through fun and engaging music, activities, and videos!

There are two preschool programs that promote learning and development for Kindergarten readiness. These are great for pre K school readiness, especially.

EmbarK¹² Online is perfect for the 3-6 age range.  Early learners have access to more than 830 activities, all developed by educational experts. 

Learning is fun and dynamic with this supplemental Pre-K program.  There are 12 units of activities with related activities that little learners can explore.  Some of our favorite topics are “Story Time”, “Our World”, and “travel and Explore”.  The EmbarK¹²