Kindergarten Learn and Play Ideas

Kindergarten is such a fun age.  Kids in kindergarten strive when they are given the chance to learn through play and hands-on activities.  These are our favorite Kindergarten activities that we’ve shared on the site, with Kindergarten math, reading and letter awareness, Kindergarten Crafts, and Kindergarten Play.   This page will be updated frequently as we add new Kindergarten activities.
Resources such as our kindergarten separation anxiety article offers many social and emotional strategies to support children through this stage.

Kindergarten Letter Learning:

Kindergarten Letter activities for letter learning
Kindergarten is all about letters, upper case and lower case letters, and sounds.  They learn how letters go with sounds and work on decodable reading.  These letter learning activities will help your kindergarten student with identification, sounds, and beginning reading skills.



Kindergarten Math:

Kindergarten Math ideas
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Kindergarten students work with manipulating items to discover and explore numbers and patterns.  They solve simple addition and subtraction problems, more or less, comparing amounts, and shapes.  These Kindergarten math ideas will be a fun way to discover math ideas with playful learning.



Kindergarten Sight Words and Reading:

Kindergarten students learn sight words throughout the school year.  These sight word activities are fun ways to learn with play while reinforcing sight word skills.

Sight Words Manipulatives | Outdoor Pre-Reading Letter Hunt

Kindergarten Books and Activities:

This age is so much fun because reading becomes a real skill during the kindergarten years. Check out our blog post on beginning reading for kindergarten for more insight.

Book ideas activities for Kindergarten
Extending book ideas with crafts and activities are a fun way for Kindergarten students to become engaged with reading.  Listening to an adult read is a powerful tool for pre-readers.  They learn language, speech, articulation, volume, and tone of voice.  These book related activities will extend popular stories and engage your Kindergartner.
 Germs kids craft

Kindergarten Fine Motor Play:

Kindergarten Fine Motor activities
Fine motor skills in Kindergarten students are essential for effective pencil control and handwriting, scissor use, and clothing and tool manipulation.  Kindergartners may have little experience with tools like scissors, pencils, hole punches, staplers, and pencil sharpeners.  All of these items require dexterity and strength.  These fine motor activities will engage your student in fine motor skills for effective hand use in functional school tasks. Pincer Grasp Fine Motor Activity
 Motor Planning Fine Motor Maze hand strengthening activity Scooping and pouring fine motor and hand dominance with beads
 Scooping and pouring fine motor and hand dominance with beads

Kindergarten Play:

Play in Kindergarten is essential for so many areas.  Kindergartners are young students who need brain breaks from desk work.  Not only for that reason, but for turn-taking, language, social interaction, self-confidence, problem-solving, and interaction, play is an important part of your Kindergarten student’s daily lives.  Try these play ideas in the classroom or at home for fun learning (through play)!


Kindergarten Crafts:

Kindergarten Craft ideas
Crafts in Kindergarten are a great tool for so many areas.  Students can work on direction following, order, patterns, task completion, scissor skills, fine motor dexterity, tool use, and more by completing crafts in Kindergarten.  Try a few (or all!) of these Kindergarten crafts for fun arts and play with your student. 

Grand Old Duke of York Craft | Process Art Monster Cupcake Liner craft | Shoe Charm craft | Caterpillar Math Craft

We’ll be adding more to this resource soon, so stop back to find more Kindergarten learning ideas.