Our Top 5 Baby Play Posts from 2012

We’ve posted tons of fun activities for babies, but here is a list of my favorite from 2012.

1.  Learning about emotions through play

This is a fun activity.  I love that it teaches emotions while having fun.  And what baby doesn’t enjoy playing with fridge magnets?!
This activity would be perfect all year round – I’m thinking a snowman face, a heart-shaped face, a sun face, a flower face…the possibilities are endless!

2. Indoor play: baby edition…spoons and cups

So why do I love this play idea?  Because it is soooo simple!  Babies are entertained by the simplest of things, especially things they see their mommies and daddies using every day – like cups and spoons!  I also love that this activity involves very little prep and little clean-up – great for a working mom!

3. Baby Play! (aka Brain Building)

Baby Boy loves playing with balls.  He loves playing in the kitchen cabinets.  Combining the two makes perfect sense!  My Baby Boy could drop balls into that box and take them out all day long.

4. Messy Play Day!

This post shares a few fun and very messy play activities.  I love that the babies were involved in the messy day.  What a fun way to play with (and learn about) textures.  A pool full of green spaghetti…now that’s creative!

5. Sensory Light Box

I love, love, love this light box.  And as for Baby Boy?  Well, he loves playing in boxes, he loves crawling into tunnels, and he LOVES lights!  Yeah, this is right up his alley!  So are you taking down your Christmas lights and throwing away some boxes from holiday gifts?  Maybe it’s time to create a fun, cozy play area for your little one.