Outdoors Small World Pretend Play

Ok, so you know we like sensory bins and pretend play, right?  Small world pretend play is such a fun way to invoke imagination, language, fine motor skills, confidence, and so many more important skills in kids.  This small world activity is one of our favorite ways to play outside. 
(AND, it’s perfect for those times when mama needs a little break from chasing kids around the yard and needs to sit for a minute with some quiet play with the kids!)
The kids love when I pull out our bin of animals when we’re outside.  We take a great the big outdoors and make it into a miniature small world all with just our imagination.
Why not take a bunch of little pretend play figures outside and see where the pretend play goes?

Inspire pretend play and imagination with small world play in the outdoors.


Pretend play outdoors

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We have a big old basket of little animal figures, creatures, bugs, and animals of all kinds.  There have been cheers when this basket is pulled out.  We’ve added the critters to our sand and water table
lots of times for water play, creative play in the sand/birdseed/snow.  There’s something about just the plain old outdoors that really inspires imagination!

We played one day with our little animals around a big old tree in our backyard one day while mom snapped a few pictures.  We had an absolute blast!

There were sheep grazing in the moss fields.

And cows climbing tree trunks.  Little Guy had a pretty cool pretend play story going on here.  The cows had incredible climbing skills and were running from giant lizards.  He stuck the little figures into the bark and saved the farm!

I love this pretend play happening here!

This giraffe needs saving!

How can you inspire pretend play and imagination in the outdoors?  Grab a few toys that don’t normally go outside and create the ultimate small world in the great big outdoors!

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