Styrofoam Building Shapes

Styrofoam isn’t just for packaging!  We saved a few sheets of these packaging sheets before they went into the trash and created a learning and play activity a while back. 

Styrofoam building shapes

I cut a couple of sheets into different shapes and showed the kids how we could make pictures on the table.  We made houses, buildings, and cars with our DIY tangrams.  We talked about shapes with Baby Girl and Little Guy.  This was a fun beginning math activity for both of them.

After a while with 2 dimensional play, I pulled out the tooth picks and we began building.  Things got fun at this point!

We made trees, houses, furniture, and more with these shapes.  Little Guy LOVED this!  He built challenges for his cars to jump and drive around. 

What a fun way to create and imagine! 

NOTE:  This should definitely be a supervised activity.  Those tooth picks are sharp, for sure.  With adult supervision, this is a great building activity and lots of fun for the imagination. 

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