Polar Bear Theme: Gross Motor and Sensory Play!

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We are continuing with our Polar Bear Theme with all kinds of play ideas.  It works out perfectly with Little Guy’s preschool calendar…today he made Polar Bear Paw Print painting (using a sock to paint paw prints! So cute!!)
Today we did a little

Polar Bear Gross Motor


Polar Bear Sensory Play!

The Gross Motor portion was an obstacle course-type of thing in our living room, using masking tape.
NOTE: Please try the tape in an inconspicuous place first (behind a couch or something) to make sure it doesn’t damage your carpeting…AKA don’t email me when you have masking tape stuck to the carpet 🙂
It should peel right up…but you never know 🙂
We had some zig zags going across the living room for bear crawls, toe walking, walking backwards, and knee walking.  I put a couple of pillows at the end to make a “snow pile” for the polar bears.  We put some cotton batting along the path…Little Guy maaaaay have started a “snowball fight” with his sisters.  Typical Boy 🙂
They had such a great time with this…lots of fun silliness!

A balance beam is so great for gross motor skills including coordination and balance.  You can start with normal toe to heel steps, and then increase the balance and coordination needed by asking your child to take bigger steps, side steps, backward steps, tip toe, go fast/slow…They can hold an object, try to catch/toss a ball, navigate turns, curves, hop…There is so much you can do with the balance beam!

Our Polar Bear Sensory bin was cotton batting, tinsel, a stuffed polar bear, and a seal toy.  Little Guy glued some waxed paper to blue construction paper to make an ocean covered with ice.  We had a striped Christmas pencil for our “North Pole”.  

They had fun just imagining stories for the Big Giant Polar Bear and the poor seal who was trying to escape into the ocean…Imagination play!

Baby Girl did NOT like the tinsel. It got stuck to her hands and she would try to pull it off…The seal is another story.  She carried that thing around all day 🙂
Looking for more Polar Bear play ideas??  We had fun with our first Polar Bear Theme play day!
We should have more ideas up tomorrow to go along with the Polar Bear theme.  I have something in mind for a fun science project and a couple of cute crafts…So Be Sure to stop back 🙂

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  1. Isn't it fun to see the stories and play kids come up with when presented with a few different materials? I always love to see what kids are inspired to do with sensory materials. Thanks so much for sharing in the Discover and Explore linky. I'm featuring this post today.

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