Purple Waterbead Sensory Bin

This purple sensory bin is a fun way to explore the color purple using one of our favorite sensory play materials: a water bead sensory bin! While this is a very old post on our blog (circa 2013), we still love the mesmerizing impact of a color themed sensory play activity. Plus, if you are looking for more fun ways to extend the play, check out our water bead activities!

Purple sensory bin

Purple Sensory Bin

A purple themed sensory bin has many benefits beyond exploring the color purple. Of course, you could make a color themed sensory bin based around any color and gain so many benefits:

  1. Tactile sensory experience- Targeting tactile discrimination and tactile exploration is one of the main skills that are address with a sensory bin. You can address various aspects of tactile defensiveness through engaging and motivating play.
  2. Motor Skills- Using a scoop or spoon to move and manipulate the sensory bin items builds skills in motor planning, dexterity, crossing midline, bilateral coordination, hand-eye coordination, and more. Check out all of the benefits of scooping and pouring activities.
  3. Social Emotional Skills- Playing in a sensory bin like our purple sensory activity is an engaging activity that fosters group play (parallel play) and encouraging peer interaction by borrowing tools, working together. Engaging in a new situation is an excellent way to foster communication, cooperation, and other social emotional skills. Here are more social skills activities kids love.

How to set up a purple sensory bin

In our colorful sensory bin, we gathered just a few items from around the home:

  • Large storage bin
  • Purple water beads
  • Purple cookie cutters
  • Purple scoops and bowls

You could use other sensory bin base materials with a certain color theme such as:

  • Shredded paper
  • Colored sand
  • Dyed beans
  • Dyed rice

Add a few spoons, cups, and manipulative items, and you are ready to go!

purple sensory bin
This was a fun and easy little sensory bin to put together.  Someone (cough, Big Sister, cough) threw some bath water colors into the bin of blue water beads we had out.  They absorbed the color reeeeally fast.  And are VERY vivid in their new purple hue.
I found a few purple bracelets and cookie cutters, and a few other purple things, and voila!
Purple Sensory Bin fun!
I’m not sure why, but every time we do water bead or corn bin sensory play, Little Guy goes into the kitchen and grabs my whisk and whatever other utensils look right.  So, now Baby Girl does the same thing.  I guess it’s just fun to mix and stir when you’re playing with a sensory bin!
Have you done a water bead sensory bin? 

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  1. I have never tried a sensory bin with water beads (I am not even sure what they are) but off to google it and I think we may have to try this, the girls would love it! Thanks for sharing on We Made That!

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Purple water beads in a container with cookie cutters and hands reaching into the bin. Text reads purple sensory bin