How to Create a Recycled-materials Craft Bin

We all have piles of recyclable materials that can be used in crafts and use recycling bin crafts on the regular! Here, we’re talking about how to make a recycle craft bin for supplies that can be used at any time. Once you have made a craft supply bin from recycled materials, check out our recycled crafts and activities page. You’ll also find some great recycle bin craft ideas too! You can make any type of recycle bin project. Only your imagination is the limit.

Recycled Materials Craft Bin

Use materials from the recycle bin to make a recycled-materials craft bin for crafting and play.

We have been known to come up with crafts, activities, learning experiences on the cheap…using free, recycled, or repurposed materials.
This craft bin sits in our basement with the crafting stuff and is always ready to go for art projects whenever the moment strikes. 
It is easy to keep stuff with the idea that “Hey, we can make something with this…” and easily slide into hoarder territory. 
Here’s how to create a recycled-materials craft bin and not end up on a reality show.
Grab a box or bin and watch your trash.  Before you toss something into the recycle bin or garbage, consider the crafting possibilities.  A great craft bin has lots of different types of materials, colors, and textures.
Cut a couple of cereal boxes on a slant to store bigger things.
We use the cereal box storage containers to hold waxed paper from cereal liners, grocery store paper bags, a couple of cardboard tubes, and one colorful magazine.
When the cereal box is full, stop saving.  No need to overwhelm yourself with too much stuff.
Smaller cardboard boxes can be put into the bin to contain little items like plastic lids, empty water bottles, anything that can be used in a craft.
We use an old check box to hold crayons, glue, and scissors. 
The whole craft bin is ready to go, easy to manage, and not taking over your basement.  Take it outside for something different!

Recycled materials

There are so many items that can be upcycled into crafting materials. Think about how to use these materials:

  1. Paper: Old newspapers, magazines, cardboard, and scrap paper can be used for paper mache, collages, origami, or even as decorative elements in various crafts.

  2. Glass Jars and Bottles: Empty glass jars and bottles can be transformed into vases, candle holders, terrariums, bug catcher crafts, or storage containers. They can also be painted or decorated to create unique centerpieces or decorative pieces.

  3. Plastic Bottles and Containers: Plastic bottles and containers can be repurposed into planters, organizers, piggy banks, or even turned into sculptures. They can be cut, painted, and embellished to suit your creative vision.

  4. Egg Cartons: Egg cartons have a multitude of uses in crafting. They can be transformed into flower or seedling pots, paint palettes, jewelry organizers, or used for creating textured art projects. Plus, egg cartons are a great hand strengthening tool, too!

  5. Cardboard Tubes: Toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, and other cardboard tubes can be turned into pencil holders, napkin rings, binoculars, or used as structural elements in various craft projects. Try a fun cardboard tube rainbow too!

  6. Fabric Scraps: Leftover fabric scraps from sewing projects can be repurposed for quilting, patchwork, making small stuffed animals, or as accents in other crafts like scrapbooking or card making.

  7. Bottle Caps: Collecting and saving bottle caps can lead to endless possibilities. They can be used as embellishments, magnets, bottle cap letters for learning, pendants, or even to create mosaics and unique artworks.

  8. Old CDs and DVDs: Discarded CDs and DVDs can be transformed into coasters, wall art, mobiles, or used for reflective surfaces in crafts like jewelry making or mixed media projects.

  9. Wine Corks: Wine corks can be utilized to make corkboards, trivets, keychains, or even stamps. They can be easily cut, painted, or glued together for a variety of craft ideas.

  10. Popsicle Sticks: Popsicle sticks can be used for building structures, creating frames, making ornaments, or used as canvas for painting or decorating.


Recycle Bin Craft

We started our Earth Day with some recycled crafting. Here’s what we came up with:

Fun, free, creative and open-ended art work.  Process-based art at it’s finest!

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  1. What a great idea! I use recycled material all the time in projects and this is a much better way to organize it all! Thanks for sharing on We Made That!

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