Real-Toy “I Spy” Game

DIY “I Spy” game with real toys… 

You have a lot of little pieces to toys, Little People, action figures, cars, trains…TONS of little THINGS all over the house, right??
Put all of those little bits and pieces to work and create your own I Spy game in your living room. 

Learning Concepts with “I Spy” game

The I spy books are so great for many early concepts for little ones…visual memory, language development, creative thinking, and more.
I spread out a bunch of little objects on the white surface of our train table and started asking questions.  The big kids loved little riddles:
“I Spy with my little eye, a red form of transportation.”
The little kids (18 month old Baby Girl, and nephew) just liked to explore the items.  I would ask them: “Can you find the cow?” 
They were able to grab it…and carry it off to chew away 🙂
There are a lot of different ways to grade this activity to meet the needs of different-aged kids…all in the same room.  Big Sister liked to copy down words and check them off as she found them.  (work on handwriting practice!!)
…she’s really into making check marks these days!
She also loves the game where she covers her eyes and I take something away. Then she has to figure out what’s missing.
For the younger set, grab all the items of the same color and concentrate on learning one color, or finding the object that is a different color.
This was a fun way to spend a rainy and cool afternoon. 

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