Scented Scissor Skills Activity

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This scented scissor skills activity is one that the kids will love! Picking rose petals and then using them to cut is a creative way to address skills like graded scissor use, line awareness, and precision in grasp and scissor accuracy. Kids will love using rose petals to work on scissor accuracy and the visual motor skills needed for scissor use and the scent of rose petals will make it a memorable activity they will want to do again and again! 

Use rose petals to work on scissor skills with kids
Cutting rose petals is something we’ve done for years and years around here. It’s a creative way to use scissors to address skills needed for cutting shapes and lines with graded precision. You can read about more creative ideas to address scissor skills and accuracy here on The OT Toolbox. 
When there is a vase of flowers in the house, there will be petals to cut!
If you’ve had flowers in the house, then you know that the beautiful scent and colors only last so long. Before the flowers go into the trash or compost, use them to help kids work on fine motor skills and scissor work. 
You’ll need just a couple of flowers to get a lot of scissor practice!
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Use rose petals to work on scissor skills with kids
First, ask the child to help you peel and pick off the layers of the rose petals. Add them to a tray or a large bowl. Using such a delicate grasp to pick and peel off flower petals helps with graded precision and bilateral coordination, both which are needed for scissor use and accuracy.
Then, you are ready to start snipping! 
When I am teaching kids to use scissors, I always recommend these scissors. They are perfect for the child who is learning how to hold scissors and how to cut with accuracy. The blades of these scissors are nice for children who have trouble with positioning and are just learning to hold the scissors with a neutral wrist positioning. 
To work on line awareness and precision with this scissor skill activity, use a pencil to lightly draw a line on the flower petals. Children can cut along the lines to snip the petals. Or, skip the lines and just invite the child to snip the petals into small pieces. 
This scissor skills activity provides a beautiful scent when cutting the petals. It’s sure to be a memorable one, triggering the child’s memory of cutting along lines when they smell and recognize the scent of roses at another time in the future! 
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Use rose petals to work on scissor skills with kids

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