Preschool Activities

This is a collection of all of our Preschool Learning and Play activities for kids aged 2 and a half to 5 (and Pre-K).  We love creating, crafting, and playing with preschool-aged kids.  It’s a season of growth and development in every skill area.  Language, fine motor, gross motor, self-care, behavior, humor, direction-following, creativity, and social-emotional areas are all blossoming with tremendous growth during the preschool years.  It is so much fun to see the changes that preschoolers go through in each of these areas.  They truly develop into their own person.  Play is essential for development in the child.  It is my hope that these activities will inspire fun and creative play and learning with you and your special Preschooler!

Preschool Crafts

Preschool Crafts for learning and play

Crafts with kids can get a bad rap.  Some may say that crafts stifle creativity; that kids are not able to express themselves when they are given a definite end-product that they are to replicate.  There is definitely a need for process-oriented free craft time without a specific end-result.  Process art has it’s benefits for kids, and we definitely create a lot of creative painting art.  Crafts with a product-oriented end result have a very different point for kids.  Crafts provide kids with a specific end-result when tasks are done.  You can assess tool use, direction-following, hand dominance, visual perceptual processing, fine motor strength, sensory discrimination, and so many more areas by completing a craft with children.  Sure, you can assess these areas in a non-craft setting, but the assessment results may take much longer to achieve.  Children are proud of the crafts they make.  They gain self-confidence by completing a task to MAKE something.  These Preschool crafts are perfect for fun or assessment of skill area.  Have fun crafting and enjoy your time creating with your child!  You can find more craft ideas on our Craft Page or on our KIDS CRAFTS PINTEREST BOARD.


                                Big Rig Craft |School Bus craft | Fire Truck craft | Backhoe craft

Preschool Sensory Exploration Play

Preschool sensory play and exploratory learning
Preschool children learn through their senses.  What better way to invite a child to learn than through exploring the senses.  The wonderful thing about sensory play and learning is that almost any learning objective can be achieved through the senses.  What a wonderful classroom or home environment a child will have when they are given the opportunity to discover and explore with the senses.

Preschool Building Blocks and Tools

Preschool building blocks and building tools for learning and play
Children learn and develop with block and building activities.  Engineering, pattern development, size awareness, visual perceptual integration, and fine motor skills will flourish while playing with blocks and building materials.  Preschool children build their skill areas through play with blocks and building tools. Be sure to follow our Building Toys, Games, and Activities Pinterest Board for more building ideas.


Preschool Color Learning

Preschool color recognition and identification activities for preschoolers.
Preschool children will love these color identification and color sorting activities.  Be sure to follow along on our Colors Pinterest Board for more colorful learning ideas.

Preschool Math Activities

These are math activities that my kids have loved when they were in Preschool and Pre-K.  You will want to follow along on our Playful Math Pinterest board for more playful math ideas.


Preschool Letter Learning

We’ve got lots of playful ideas for letter identification, letter learning, letter order, and letter formation for preschool aged children.  Be sure to follow along on our Alphabet Play Pinterest Board.
 Alphabet Discovery Bottle

Preschool Books and Activities 

We love to create activities, crafts, and fun based on Preschool books.  You can find all of our creative book extension ideas here.  Some of our favorite Preschool books and activities that we’ve done:

Be sure to follow our Books for Kids Pinterest Board