Sparkle Collage Art Painting

Do you have a little one who LOVES all things art and painting?  Baby Girl is all about painting and will get messy with paints every day.  In fact, she asks almost every day to paint (and so we do, almost every day!) 
This Sparkle Collage Art painting was very fun for Baby Girl (and me!)  We sat for a long time and just painted away, with loads of sparkly texture added.  What isn’t better with sparkle and sequins???


Sparkle Collage Art

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We recieved the spangles free from and they really made our paintings shine.  The sparkly shapes were the perfect touch to this multi-textural painting.
Other supplies needed for this activity are Markers, paints,
Spill Proof Paint Cups,
glue, and
paint brushes.

We poured paint into the spill proof cups and dumped in a handful of the spangle mix.  Add a bit of glue and mix it all together.

I drew a few pictures and doodles on with the markers and let Baby Girl start painting.  She started out just using the paint to color in the pictures, but once I showed her how to paint on the sparkles and sequins, she got in on the sparkly fun.

These spill proof cups are big hits in our house.  For this painting activity, we didn’t use the sloped part so we could get at the sequins with the paint brushes.

Painting on those sequins required a little bit of dexterity, but Baby Girl did a pretty good job of it!  It was fun to paint on the sparkly shapes.

How pretty is this??

Older children could draw the pictures themselves and then paint on the sparkles and sequins.
You could also add glitter into your paint.  What a gorgeous work of art this is!

Baby girl was very proud of her painting.  These turned out to be so pretty.


Let us know if you try this painting activity.  We would love to see your works of art!
Looking for more ways to paint in a creative way?  Stop by and follow along on our Creative Painting Pinterest board.  I’m loving all of the creative ideas over there!

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