Share It Saturday #14 and our Week-In-Review

Wow, what happened to this week? I feel like it flew by.  Actually March flew by like a breeze.  I did in fact ask my husband the other day…”Is it April?” and actually not know for sure.  Wow. Momma brain right there!
Our week was filled with lots of play, crafts, getting outside for some semi-nice days.  50 degrees and windy  is beeeeautiful when it seems like it has been frigid and snowing for the past year and a half 🙂
We shared with our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers our latest favorite play activity…a baby pool in the basement with a tray of sand, a handful of rocks, and construction vehicles.
Big Sister has been loving the sand tray to tell stories (ala Nina from Sprout), make letters, and draw pictures.  My personal favorite is her pictures of angels and Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.
 We had a little Tinkerbell themed play date (organized by Big Sister…including games {{Pin the Face on Tinkerbell}}, decorations, invite list, snacks, and parting gifts…Hmm, I wonder where she gets all of this from haha!!
This little group of cousins had fun watching some robins from the front window after the other kids left.
And of course, our week had lots of balloon dance parties.
The Share It Saturday link up brought us so many fun ideas this week.  We decided to feature a food related theme.  (Two of us sisters may have been a little hungry when we went through the links haha!!)
Our featured links this week shares

Toddler Friendly Snacks!

B-Inspired Mama shows us creative ways to present food.
Powerful Mothering shares a yummy looking Omelets in a muffin pan.
Preschool Powol Packets made frozen yogurt shapes.
B-Inspired Mama made cinnamon waffle snack mix. This looks so good!
Now, on to Share It Saturday this week!  Stop by and let us know what you are up to…we love seeing what our blogging friends have been doing 🙂

We join the gals at Golden Grasses and Teach Beside Me as co-hosts in our weekly link
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