Springtime Tulip Craft

This was a craft we did on the First Day of Spring.  It was a sunny day, but really cold and windy out.  So, we brought a little bit of tulips and spring time fun indoors!

Remember our Painting Rainbows craft?  We used the painted egg carton and made some tulips.

Baby Girl watched her Big Sister make this and wanted to help with the gluing part.
We used some green crafting sticks and pushed them into another egg carton so the tulips would stand.
We used some paper grass (this is the stuff you put into gift bags…found at a yard sale last summer in a free bin! Awesomeness!)
Glue the paper grass onto the egg carton, and you get a fun spring tulip table centerpiece.
((when you have the kids who pull the whole table cloth off of the table at least once a day…Baby Girl…cough, cough…you need NON-breakable, NON-expensive table centerpieces!))
I found some cute tulip placemats at the dollar store yesterday.  I will take a pic and show the whole table set-up soon!

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